Local loan

Users of age, everyone who lives in Parma  and its districts and, for limited periods and under specific conditions, also the citizens of other regions, european and non-european countries (see the Regulations) can use our loan service

The loan lasts 30 days and a document that is already lent can be booked by another user. Without any reservation, the loan can be renewed for 30 days more.

The loan does not include:

  • the works published before 1950;

  • the books that are seriously damaged, incomplete or with a bad rebinding condition (volumes in an unstable status of preservation);

  • the works in the consultation room;

  • the art volumes with external figures or with more figures than text;

  • the volumes of local history and bibliography;

  • the periodics, the newspapers, the official acts and the anthologies bound in volumes, the PhD thesis, the grouped material;

  • the volumes marked as Dir., Bibl., Bibl. Stampe, Bibl. Ebr., Bibl. Tecn., Biblioteca teatrale Ferrarini;

  • the publications with particular historical-publishing features;

  • microfilms and microfiches.

The loan service is available on reservation from Monday to Thursday 10.00-17.00; Friday 10.00-13.00 by the following ways:

- by phone: 0521 220445 or 0521 220466;

- by e-mail: b-pala@beniculturali.it (wait for a confirmation email)

- via OPAC, in this case, it will still be necessary to contact the library to arrange an appointment.