Services for the disabled

"Spoken book": audiobooks on the web for the sightless disabled and the dyslexics

The Palatine Library joins the national project "Spoken book, audiobooks on the web for the sightless disabled and the dyslexics, State libraries network", developed by the Lions Spoken Book Association in virtue of an agreement stipulated the 19th of December 2006 between the General Direction of Book heritage and Cultural institutions and the managers of the Lions Spoken Book.

The agreement gives the possibility for the sightless and the dyslexics to enter the listening and loan service of the audiobooks made available for free. It is a matter of "spoken library" made up with more than 7,000 books of different subjects, read by the voluntary "voice donors" and registered on tapecassettes, CD/MP3's, in part already available at the site

Inside the Library, in the Consultation room, has been designated a computer position, provided with specific hardware and software devices to help the sightless and dyslexics.

To avail of the service, the sightless users have to go to the Library with a medical certificate attesting the disability that prevents them from reading written texts and, with the help and collaboration of the staff, they can register to the service.

Later, the users will be given a card to access the audio-library by the Internet. In that way, they will make use of the book contents by listening in the Library or borrowing tape cassettes, CD's and MP3's.